Where do you start?

Where do you start?

It’s 11:07 PM, on a Tuesday (I think it’s Tuesday). It’s currently 23° out and I live in a camper, a 5th wheel, that’s move like a home that I could ideally pack up in a day and we could be gone. I’ll get back to that. I don’t really know what to start with any of this, but I have to start and a girl named Sarah, just pissed me off and here the fuck we are. I normally “let it go”, as my mom would say, but this time was different. 

So, I’m Chatty Addee, I’m 33 and live wherever the wind takes us and the power lines need built, that is in range of storm calls… my man is a Journey Lineman (IBEW). I consider us storm chasers at this point. But we found this little spot, and he has a good buddy, who has helped us find this little home surrounded by some mighty damn good people. It’s a fascinating place really and I will be onto an entirely new adventure one day to learn more about the local farmers, bee keepers, dairy folks, we have Morgan horses, and our buddy bought a dive bar. The well respect local they call “The Smart One” has welcomed us and is always such a joy to be around and he really is so smart. I’m excited to tell you more. But for now I’ll wrap this up, maybe. 

My man is  Journeyman Lineman, (is a earned title not a gender, and the blue collar trades are 97% men so there is not offense to be had). He is a fucking hard worker and can seriously built anything. He shows up when he’s asked and never once complains, that I know of. He worked in 110 in Denver all summer and in hurricanes or ice storms in Maine or Cape cod, everything in between. He works every Christmas and is the silent hero you didn’t even know what outside fixing your power. It’s a dangerous job and I know that, it’s important he remains stress free while it’s out. I heard a guy say “it’s the kinda job you don’t have to lay in bed and wonder if you made a difference or not” and damn is that a cool feeling.

We also play disc golf, like a lot, you will see me on tour next year, I hope. We have two frisbee/disc hunting dogs. Quincy and Bailey. More to come. We enjoy fly fishing and traveling. Seeing the country. 

We have a new project, a new travel home. And also a wood shop where I make game boards, decor and so much more. 

I guess this is where you start, I mean besides the loops of filing this paper and that and who do I pay what and how do I get an address, a bank account, an EIN and whatever else, but I need each of the others to do it…. Have you ever played spot it… haha life. 

I have a goal of working for/ with Joe Rogan, somebody get me a meeting please! 
I would like to be a comedian, I also love to garden and grow and learn, but my dude, my dogs and well the power comes first sometimes. 

Check back soon, and please shop small this year. Don’t forget likes and comments are free! Be kinder, don’t make me be mean either please! 

-May you have the day you so deserve 😘, 

xoxo’s Chatty Addee 

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